Fun Times

There are many reasons why Hostels are Fun places to stay. Hostels are normally cheaper than hotels and Bed & Breakfasts so you can save money.

Unique Hostel

This Hostel is Unique with details and wall paintings created by the owner and staff from the hostel itself.

Hostels are outstanding and an awesome way to experience the world.

Private Rooms at Cashel Hostels

Traveling as a couple, or you just want to have your privacy. We offer private rooms at cashel Hostel. You can get a private room  for a couple or a small group.

Friendly Hostel Staff

Most of our staff are experienced travellers. Our Hostel staff have the best traveller tips about where to go and what too see in the Cashel area. The best places to eat and drink too.

Free Wifi

Having free wifi is anyway an important part of the hostel traveling experience. Modern travelers will plan and book their hostels ahead in advance.

Comfy  Lounge

Our Lounge has lots to offer and its a great place to meet others. We have book exchange loads of videos and a cosy timber burning stove. Our hostel lounge is your living room at Cashel hostel.

Self Catering

You can cook your own food in our kitchen. Eating every day at Restaurants can be expensive. Cooking is also a great way to get talking with new people and learn new cooking ideas.


It is a huge advantage if you can Get your laundry done at Cashel Hostel. The costs for doing a laundry is fairly cheap. When you are travelling you will want to get your clothes clean – this is necessary once in a while. And isn’t it more comfortable to get this done at our hostel.

Hostel Type

Cashel hostel is a Laid-back type hostel where you can easily chill-out.

Plan tours with other hostel people

Have more fun with people from your own hostel. Planning tours with others can be cheaper, more social, and more fun than with tour operators. When you get back to the hostel you may have some new friends who are also staying at Cashel Hostel.